261 Fearless Clubs

261 Fearless Clubs

261 Fearless Clubs and 261 Train the Trainer

261 Fearless Clubs is a developing part of the 261 Fearless Movement. Our Clubs believe in the 261 Fearless core values of loyalty, safety and international friendship. This strong base brings together our 261 Fearless global community via 261 Clubs and the unique non-performance orientated 261 Training.

Original 261 Fearless Clubs

embody the welcoming atmosphere of loyalty, safety and international friendship. Whether you are a jogger or an elite runner, it is important to be surrounded by supportive and non-judgmental women. The unique global 261 Fearless Club running community offers authenticity to women in a safe and welcoming environment.

Weekly meet runs guided by our 261 female-only coaches bring women together – beginners and experienced runners – across the age spectrum. Together they will experience a social and organic running session without performance pressure. Because the main goal is to help the participants run healthy – with joy all their life!

Being part of a 261 Fearless Club, every woman will experience memorable runs and other events where she can feel the 261 Fearless spirit of community and friendship. 261 Fearless Club members also enjoy a big range of benefits which are offered by the global 261 Fearless Inc. organization.

The official kick off to set up a 261 Fearless Club or become a 261 Fearless Club Coach is our unique 261 Train the Trainer program where you get all needed tools and information – provided by experienced coaches. All 261 Fearless Clubs will embrace the 261 Training philosophy as taught in the 261 Train the Trainer method.

261 Train the Trainer

261 Train the Trainer

is a method of reaching as many women as possible with the unique philosophy that women’s running, and therefore women’s training, is entirely different from men’s. This technique is not only about how to train, it is also about how to handle a female running group. The objective of this training method is to keep women injury free, develop a life-long love of running and walking and to foster non-judgmental support from like-minded women and balance the women’s dynamic.

Depending if you want to start a 261 Fearless Club or if you want to become a 261 Fearless Coach, the retreat takes 3.5 or 2.5 days. This certification process assures that as many women as possible can easily and happily embrace running, and reap lifelong health and empowering benefits.

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